Jul. 10th, 2021 06:59 pm
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So, how am I doing with Soul? Good? Bad? Horrendous? Not cool enough? Soul So cool you just can't handle it?

Whatever your thoughts are I would love to hear them! Honest critique is welcome and appreciated! Soul's a lot different from the other characters I play, so some feedback would be awesome. c:

Anon enabled, IP logging off. You know the drill.


Jul. 20th, 2020 01:26 am
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Hey, this is Soul. Leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can.

[ooc: this post is ic and ooc. if you want to do some plotting with me, feel free to use this post to do so! c:]


Jul. 10th, 2013 07:36 pm
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Soul Eater Evans
Room 2-08 | Box
4040 | Violet 
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((ooc: first part in italics is non-interactive, the rest is free game! c:))

A grand piano sat under a lone spotlight and sitting on the bench was Soul. Only, it wasn't quite the same Soul people here knew, not really. This was Soul before the Academy. This was Soul age ten, sitting up straight with a perfect posture and holding himself with a poise no one he knew now would think was possible. His fingers were curved just as they were supposed to as they hung just above the keys, his face wiped of all emotion. This was a Soul no one knew, a Soul he'd never let anyone see.

It's difficult to see anything past of the circle of light around the piano, but every now and then he could see the diamonds his parents' friends wore glittering, the shine from the gold on their wrists and the elegant glasses they held oh so daintily in their hands. He could hear the whispers and soft chuckles and he knew it was about him.

He shifts just slightly, stretching his fingers and placing them lightly on the keys, his eyes close, he takes a breath and begins to play.

Rach 3, the first movement. A piece that was something of a labor of love, a piece he dedicated himself to learning, the most challenging piece he had yet to play. Incredible, someone would say, that a boy his age could play a piece like this so beautifully, so perfectly, but Soul would never agree to such praise.

But he did play it beautifully. His technique was flawless, the emotion he poured into it was astounding -- this was his heart, his soul, his very being. It wasn't a piece he wrote himself, but it almost felt like it was.

The piece came to an end and Soul’s fingers lifted from the keys, that last chord still ringing in his ears -- broken and dissonant and something he could never really place, only knew that it hurt.

“Wonderful! Just as expected from the son of the Evans family.” The crowd applauded. Of course they would applaud. They had to be polite, didn’t they?

The lights turned back on, revealing the smiling faces of over-dressed men and women, people he didn't really know or care to know, people who came over every time his parents threw one of these stupid fancy parties. He slid off the bench, nodding and thanking them all as they showered him with praise and compliments, but Soul never believed them. How could he believe them? They didn't know. They couldn't see it. Couldn't hear it. The difference between that which was perfection and him.

He needed to get away from this. All of this. The crowd, the people, the fake smiles, the forced compliments. But his parents wouldn't let him, he would stay here and be a good, polite, well-behaved son. His family had an image to keep up with, after all.
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[The first thing you'll see is this. Toilet paper. Perfectly folded into a perfectly symmetrical triangle. The next thing you'll see is a hand unfolding said toilet paper while the camera starts to shake a little. Probably because the guy holding it just started laughing.

When the camera is turned around, Soul's there grinning like an idiot.

Made some changes while you were out, Kid. Hope you don't mind. [snickers as he heads out of the bathroom, turning the camera outward as he walks so everyone can see the damage destruction SHEER BEAUTY of the apartment. To anyone who wasn't Death the Kid, nothing would look wrong or out of place, but to Kid...?

Well he was definitely going to notice that all of the pictures on the wall were skewed ever so slightly, that all of the candles had been melted down to different lengths, the pillows on the couches weren't lined up evenly, an extra place was set at the dining room table. Soul makes his way down the hallway and pushes open the door to Kid's bedroom.

Everything that could possibly have gone wrong has gone wrong -- books were out of order, the bed was unmade, the furniture was moved around to make it as asymmetrical as possible, but that wasn't the most disturbing thing in this room.

One look at the walls would tell you what was.

Yo, Black☆Star!

[And there it was. There HE was. Black☆Star in all of his glory with a marker in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. On the walls? WHY IT WAS BLACK☆STAR'S AUTOGRAPH, OF COURSE! He turns around with THE MOST EXCITED GRIN EVER.]


[Soul bursts out laughing and the feed abruptly ends]
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[tired Soul is tired and is missing a lot of things from home right now. like his motorcycle. his totally boss motorcycle that was the coolest thing ever.]

Alright, I'm pretty done with the whole walking everywhere thing. I've got a pretty cool bike back home, but that isn't helping me here. Anyone know a place where I can get a motorcycle? It doesn't have to be new and honestly I don't care if it isn't in working condition. I'll fix it up if I have to.
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[Hey there Somarium! Check out the network and you'll find this grumpy teenager staring back at you. If you take a look at what's around him it should be easy to tell he's wandering around the shopping district. There's a heavy frown on his face and an annoyed, bored sort of drone in his voice]

I'm pretty sure I didn't volunteer to take on a mission to go... wherever this is. I mean seriously, I was sleeping, man. This is not what I wanted to wake up to.

And here I was under the impression that I'd at least get briefed on the situation before getting sent somewhere against my will.


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